The MattMill LauterHelix is a new and innovative way to lauter your wort and serves as a very good alternative to a false bottom. In Germany it is known as "LäuterHexe".

The filtering is achieved by the slits of the spiral (no clogging). The speed of the lautering depends on the bending of the LauterHelix (more bent = larger slits = faster lautering).

  • Ideal for clean, simple and efficient lautering
  • usable with any lautering vessel, bucket or container due to it's flexibility
  • two versions of different lengths are available (1000 mm for vessels of approximately 40 cm when placed in a round circle and 1800 mm for vessels of approximately 60 cm)
  • placed in all different shapes and loops as long as the spiral is not kinked
  • can be trimmed to the desired length
  • easy to clean
  • dishwasher safe
  • resistant to most cleaners and desinfectants

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